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Effective Jan. 1, 2014, the health care reform law created an online marketplace for purchasing health insurance coverage. This marketplace is referred to as a Health Insurance Marketplace, or an Exchange. In the Marketplace, you can find and compare different health insurance plans. Please download the document below for further details about your options.


Just hired or been with Rhino for many years? Go to rhinolearning.com and see what we have to offer. Note we are adding courses continually. If interested, call us to schedule a course and we can enroll you. We have many self-study trainings as well as instructor led trainings.

Also, note our new Task Safety Analysis (TSA) section once you log in. We plan to add and update regularly.


Revised Policy Pertaining to Medicinal Marijuana

Rhino Staging recognizes that some states have enacted laws legalizing the use of marijuana with a prescription. Rhino Staging does not provide exceptions for employees who have medical marijuana prescriptions or are medical marijuana “card holders”. An employee that tests positive for marijuana will be subject to the consequences as stated in this policy even if they have a medical marijuana prescription.

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